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Important message to the clients

We are pleased to announce that the production of cutters, cutting tools and knurling wheels made of solid carbide will be taken over by Fraises & Outils SELECTION FOS SA, Bevaix (NE) by the end of April 2011.

Since five generations the family owned business is famous for it’s outstanding quality in the fabrication of precisions tools. The international reputation is based on extremly high quality level of it’s key cutters. The machine park is on the latest level of nowadays technique and allows a toolproduction of highest quality, competitive pricing and very fast productiontime.

We would be very pleased if you could show the same confidence to the Director M. Serge Jacot and his employees as you showed to us during the past decades.

For our HSS fabrication we have not found any successor, so the production of HSS will be shut down by then. The key cutters made of HSS, previously manufactured by A. Guye S.A., are now available at Fraises & Outils SELECTION SA.

As we will retire per end of April 2011 we want to thank you for the great business during the last years. We are very happy having found a very serious and competitive successor for our Solid carbide production.

We wish you all and Fraises & Outils SELECTION SA very good business.

Elisabeth et Philippe Cattin

N.B. : The latest catalogue for the Solid carbide tools from Fraises & Outils SELECTION SA is now online.

Catalogue on-line

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