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Fraises & Outils SELECTION SA

Pictures of products

Slitting saws
& discs

Slitting saws

Shape cutters
on your requirements
fine pitch teeth

Single angle milling cutters

Double angle milling cutters

Double angle milling cutters with flat

Knurling wheels
45° and straight

Knurling wheels with cross toothing 30°
and 45°

Quick - AA-15-30-45°
BL or BR

Thread roll dies
ISO 60°

Radius cutters

Corner rounding milling cutters

Circular or linear form tools
Log. relief ground
On your requirements

End mills
2 teeth - 2 cuts
3 teeth - 2 cuts
4 teeth - 2 cuts
5 teeth - 2 cuts
6 teeth - 2 cuts

Center drills

Special form end mills on your requir.
Stepped end mills

T-slot cutters
T-slot cutters
Double angle
T-milling cutters

Convex radius
T-milling cutters

Straight shank conical cutters
"Queue d'aigle"
2 cuts

Ball nose end mills
Spiral 30° - 2 teeth
Spiral 30° - 3 teeth
4 teeth

3sides milling cutters
Log. relief ground
Fine pitch teeth
Large alternated pitch teeth

Collector cutters
"U" type
"U" type alternated pitch teeth
"V" type 50° & 60°
"V" type 90°

Cutters for clock-making & cutting wheels
Cutters for clock-making
& cutting wheels
(NHS 56’704)

Gear cutters
for mecanics
(angle of contact 20°)

Precision carbide hobs
involute or epicycloidal pitch teeth

Engraving tools
Square rods

Special conical reamers

Thread end mills

or Borazon wheels

Ball nose slot cutters

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